Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show:

  • Target group: manufacturers and distributors of diamonds, fine jewellery, silver, gemstone and pearl jewellery, watches, display and packaging of jewellery products, trade media services
  • Number of exhibitors: 500 +
  • Number of visitors: 66 000 +


Why Watch & Jewellery?

  • Watch & Jewellery trade show is a trusted platform meant to help you strengthen your presence in the MENA region, meet new customers, reach out to local clientele and build a more trustworthy brand;
  • The organiser has an extensive reach and response of its marketing drive;
  • The event has a considerable share of regular participants, some taking part in the show right from its beginning;
  • UAE is the fastest growing luxury market, powered by affluent nationals, splurging expatriates, brand-conscious youth, and rising tourist arrivals;
  • The Emirati clientele is highly saturated with ultra-rich residents, and the billionaire population of the country is jumping by more than 30% in one year;
  • It is the only show that is eagerly awaited by rich & royal families.