The Speciality Food Festival in nutshell:

  • Target audience: organic, plant-based, vegan and premium food, beverage and specialty coffee producers; chefs; hoteliers; representatives of the Resort & Spa sector; retailers.
  • Number of visitors: 10,000 from 60 countries.


Why The Speciality Food Festival?

  • The leading event for the premium foodservice industry.
  • An opportunity to directly showcase exclusive products and services in front of entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • A chance to establish and build long-term relationships with customers and distributors in the hospitality and premium foodservice industry through a “Business Matchmaking” program.
  • The presence of major global brands on the event such as Accenture, Accor Hotels, Emirates, Etisalat, Jumeirah Hotel & Resorts, Raddison, Radisson Blu, ADNOC.
  • Associated events: UAE National Latte Art and Barista Championship, UAE National Cup Tasters Championship.
  • Dubai is the bridge between the Eastern and Western business worlds and is one of the world’s largest luxury goods markets – locals and tourists are eager to try new, non-traditional products.
  • The value of the functional beverage industry in the Middle East is expected to grow 8% by 2025.
  • Coffee and tea are traditional beverages of the Middle East – about 10% of global spending on coffee and tea comes from the UAE, and the period of the pandemic has only increased demand for these products.
  • The UAE, as part of its National Food Strategy 2051, plans to become a leader in the Global Food Security Index (GFSI) in 2051 and to pursue food production using highly advanced, sustainable technologies.
  • According to the UAE Ministry of Agriculture, consumption of natural products in 2019 increased by 10% and organic products by 20%.
  • A study by the Business Research Company found that the market value of high-quality, organic foods, as well as plant-based, low-calorie, protein and lactose-free products will grow by 12.98% in 2023.